Tesla CAN Diagnostic Cable (Sept 2015 and up) – Self Crimp OBD-II


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This cable allows you to connect to your (2015+ model year) Model S or Model X diagnostics port and access data like battery health and voltages/temperature, front and rear motor power/torque/voltage, 12V battery power/voltage, and much more.

For the DIYer that wants to have complete control this kit comes with an OBD-II shell, pins, strain relief and fasteners, you simply crimp the pins and screw together the connector shell. Includes cable with Tesla connector and 1m (~3ft) of black flat noodle cable (specially designed to fit between the seam of the center console cubby and center display). Other packages are linked at the bottom of this listing.

This setup is completely removable and doesn’t modify or damage the vehicle in any way. Product comes with a detailed pinout chart and instructions on how to access the diagnostic port (for either the yacht/carpet floor or those with a Tesla center console)

Additional information

Weight 0.086 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .3 in

Tech Specs

Length: 1m (~3ft)
No. of Conductors: 12 (all available data lines and 12V power)
Works with: Model S/X (most 2015 or newer models, those with a blue diagnostic connector will work)
Termination Option: OBD-II kit
Works with: TM-Spy (for Android or iOS) in conjunction with suitable Bluetooth or WiFi ODB reader (sold separately), Kvaser Leaflite or similar, CANtact, Canberry, CANdue, CANdue 2, TowerTech CAN Cape, Arduino CAN shields, CANbus Triple, or similar CAN transceiver boards. NOTE: Product comes with an OBD-II plug with pinout made to order, it is the buyers responsibility to handle buying the compatible adaptor/connector for a given product listed above (except the OBD-II readers used with the ™-Spy app).


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